How To Unlock Snapchat Butterfly Lens Filter

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How To Unlock Snapchat Butterfly Lens Filter-Those who use Snapchat likely know about the Butterfly Lens feature. With this effect applied, your video or photo will look like you’re in a gorgeous butterfly garden. 

The butterfly lens is one of the most popular Snapchat filters since it allows users to take on the appearance of the beautiful winged creatures

Using these lenses, you may give your photographs a 3D effect and other unique qualities.

This Lens in the Snapchat app allows you to film with fluttering butterflies.    

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The Snapchat Butterfly Filter Effect

 Kate Symons demonstrates the transformative impacts of the butterfly halo filter on Snapchat; notice the smaller face, smoother complexion, and larger eyes. The lens has further subtle effects, such as reducing the size of the user’s face, improving their skin tone, and making their eyes appear larger. 

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How To Unlock Snapchat Butterfly Filter Lens

 There are a couple of ways to unlock the Snapchat butterfly lens filter, we have listed the easiest ways of unlocking this filter below, you can use any method of your choice to enjoy this unique filter.


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· Open Snapchat home screen 

 In Snapchat, the Butterfly Lens may be unlocked with little effort. To activate the lens, launch Snapchat and tap your profile picture in the app’s center. After that, you’ll see a group of lenses appear at the display’s base. After scrolling through the lenses, tap on the butterfly one to activate it. Once you’ve unlocked the lens, you’ll be able to use it to give your images a unique, creative spin.


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· You can unlock by swiping down from the top of the screen. 

 The Snapchat Butterfly Lenses may be unlocked quickly and easily through this method. Launch the app and swipe down from the top of the screen, doing this brings up the Lenses carousel, where the Butterfly Lens can be selected. As soon as you tap on it, you can start using it.

When activated, the Butterfly Lens allows you to apply a beautiful butterfly effect to your photos and videos. Simply by pushing and holding on your face or an object in the camera, you may see how it looks from different perspectives. When everything is just the way you want it, hit the shutter button to take a photo or start recording a video.


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· Select the Butterfly Lens by tapping on it if you see it. Swipe to the left or right if you don’t see it right away.

Snapchat Butterfly Lenses is easily accessible. Keep in mind that the butterfly lens might add some flavor to your stories. Snapchat’s lens carousel may be accessed by swiping left or right from the app’s main screen, where lenses can be selected and used after being unlocked. In case you’re looking for the Butterfly Lens, try the row of lenses just before the very last one. After tapping on it, you’ll know you’ve got it and can move on to the next screen. If you choose the Butterfly Lens before taking a picture, the resulting images will have a whimsical, fluttering quality. After that, you may give your images a one-of-a-kind look by adjusting the lens’ color filters and effects to your liking.


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· The Butterfly Lens only requires constant pressure on the screen to take a picture.

A couple of taps will release Snapchat’s Butterfly Lens for use. Snapchat may be accessed by tapping the camera icon in the app’s upper left corner. The lens carousel can be viewed by swiping to the right. You should search for the butterfly lens when you get there. Please take note of the “Butterfly” labeling. The lens can be opened by tapping on it.

When the lens is unlocked, it will immediately advance to the front of the lens carousel. 


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· Press and hold the Camera’s screen, then slide to the left to start shooting a video with the Butterfly Lens.

It’s a lot simpler than you may expect to get your hands on the Butterfly Lens, press and hold the camera screen, then swipe left. As soon as you’re done, click the lens button in the upper right corner of your screen. The lens preview screen allows you to examine the effect of the lens before you capture the picture by simply tapping it.

Once you’ve settled on a lens, you may begin recording video or snapping stills. By sliding the butterfly icon, you can adjust the intensity of the effect. If you want to keep your photo or video, you need to press the shutter button. If you’re looking to add some imagination to your photographs, the Butterfly Lens is a great place to start. Every one of your friends will be green with envy over the results, and it’s a breeze to access and employ.


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The Snapchat Butterfly Lens is obviously the new trend as a lot of people are using the filter to make videos and take beautiful picture. You can customize your pictures by including new colors, textures, and effects. If you are a novice to this trend and have been looking for a way to learn how to use or unlock the snapchat butterfly lens filter,  we hope this article was helpful in putting you through the process. look out for this space, for more educative and entertaining post!! 


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