How to Connect and Disconnect an Apple Watch from an iPhone

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How to connect and disconnect an Apple Watch from an iPhone: Connecting and disconnecting an Apple Watch from an iPhone is something that needs to be done when you have a new device or when you want to gift an old device.

This article will brief you on the steps to take in order to get your Apple Watch connected to an iPhone or disconnected from an iPhone.

But before we proceed with the business of the day, it is necessary to put something in place on your device so as to ensure an easy connection between the two Apple devices. Some of the measures to be taken are as follows:

Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch

Requirement of Connecting an iPhone with an Apple Watch

  • In order to have an easy connection, first make sure your Apple devices are updated to the most recent software.
  • You can learn how to update your device by clicking on this link.
  • After that is done, connect your device to any local internet or wireless network.
  • Then switch on the Bluetooth on the device.

When all requirements have been met, we can now connect both devices with ease.

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Connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone

  • Pick up your Apple Watch and press the side button to turn it on.
  • Take the Apple Watch closer to the iPhone.
  • When the iPhone identifies a nearby watch, it displays a connection icon for the watch.
  • Simply tap “go” to continue the process.
  • Now, using the iPhone scanner, focus on the screen of the watch so it can connect automatically.
  • After a few seconds, both devices will connect to each other.

To further set up your watch on the iPhone, go to the iOS store to install the Watch app. This will give you full access to the daily operation of the watch from your iPhone.

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How to Install the Watch App on an iPhone

In order to have smooth usage of the watch from your iPhone, it is important to install the Watch app on your device. To do this;

  • Go to your iOS store from your app list.
  • Search for “Watch App” using the search icon.
  • Choose the Watch app from the list and download it.
  • The process of installing it will begin automatically immediately after downloading it.

After that, you can use your iPhone to configure all of your preferred watch settings.

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Disconnecting an Apple Watch from an iPhone

  • To begin, back up all of the data on your watch to your Apple ID.
  • Then take the watch nearer to the iPhone again.
  • Open the Watch app from your iPhone and select the watch option.
  • Click on the round icon in front of the watch.
  • Then, from the menu, select Disconnect Apple Watch and confirm with your Apple ID password.

And that’s all.

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What will happen if I don’t Disconnect my iPhone?

The Apple Watch and its connected iPhone now have a common ground that is not meant to be altered. Once you attempt to connect the watch to another device without disconnecting from the previous connections, it assumes you are about to steal the watch. Therefore, the watch will enter an activation lock mode. This mode helps secure the watch until the owner of the iPhone that was initially connected comes around to input his or her Apple ID password.

Final Thoughts

Connecting and disconnecting an Apple Watch from an iPhone is now very easy after learning the process it takes. Note that you can connect multiple watches to the same iPhone, but you cannot connect one watch to multiple iPhones at the same time.

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