7 Best Instant Messaging Apps Like Kik

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You need a Kik substitute if you are among the various people who no longer feel secure utilizing the application. You can find Instant Messaging Apps Like Kik.

Now, users have no option but to hunt for other instantaneous chatting applications like Kik because of its notoriety for the numerous criminal prosecutions which have been brought against its founders in the U. S.

Here are several suggestions, even if there are other reasons you’re seeking a Kik substitute to communicate and socialize. It’s preferable to have something that you were seeking than to be stranded

Best Kik Alternatives for Instant Messaging

Many different texting applications may replace Kik. However, they all have more distinctive functions than Kik. Here are the top eight fast chatting applications, like Kik, that you can install on your device if you face this issue.


Even though WhatsApp was first introduced in 2009, it has undoubtedly overtaken all other instant chatting apps in popularity. Fb purchased it for nineteen billion dollars ($19 bill.), with a minimum of one billion active monthly users.

Users may easily talk with each other because of the application’s user-friendly layout. Users may transfer multimedia content and conversations with only the touch of a finger. It is available on the app stores for download and installation. The app’s abundance of emoticons, memes, and gifs makes communication amusing.

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Google Hangouts

The Search engine has successfully replaced Kik, google instant chatting service Hangouts. Unlike other Google services, hangouts are free on the two main application stores.

You may utilize the application’s video and mobile call functions to communicate with friends/relatives. While texting, you may also send your connections memes, emoticons, and animated gifs. You may edit your account to suit your preferences for a more individualized talking interaction. You need a Google profile to use this instant chat service.

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Facebook Messenger

The Messaging App is a great Kik substitute managed by the well-known American online media firm FB. You must first register a Facebook profile to use the messenger application, just as other instantaneous chatting services demand profiles.

You may share text conversations, images, videos, and other content files using Fb Messenger’s subscription functions, many of which are free. For its user-friendly layout and ability to send memes, decals, emojis, and avatars, Fb Messenger makes communicating fun and simple.

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In contrast to other instant messaging services, Slack is widely used in professional work settings. The application features a database of several chat channels designed to facilitate content sharing in a remote office and foster employee collaboration.

Companies may effortlessly save their shareable files with Slack’s interface with various workflow tools and cloud storage providers like Zendesk. Thanks to the app’s extra capabilities, users of the application may organize conferences, utilize resources, allocate projects, and other things. If users choose the subscription plan, they may unlock more functions.


Millions of users worldwide use the virtualized instant chat app, which offers end-to-end and completely encrypted communications. The application is free and accessible across many devices. According to critics, one of the greatest on the business is its privacy settings.

You may share images, movies, and audio files with your pals. Telegram chat is enjoyable since it offers a large selection of stickers, Animations, memes, and the ability to view the top emoji applications. You may delete messages for as little as a second or as long as a week by configuring the time option in the application.

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Another fast chatting application similar to Kik is WeChat. BlackBerry created the application, and it has gained popularity. WeChat offers both audio and visual calling capabilities, and you may send your connections images, music, movies, and text messages.

You may locate and engage with new pals by shaking your smartphone while using the direct chatting application. You may send pals a wide variety of free stickers, emoticons, and gifs using WeChat. This freemium direct messaging application is available for installation on various devices.

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Being that it’s an end-to-end protected chat service, Viber has proven a great Kik substitute. Your communications are private and protected from others, and the software provides a ton of subscription services almost free to its customers. Like WhatsApp, you must register for a profile with your contact information, and you may send plain messages, images, audio, and videos.

The application supports both mobile calls and video chat. Dial contacts that have not enrolled with Viber will cost money. To use this service, purchase credits for ViberOut. Use free stickers, smiley faces, or emojis for a thrilling conversation with your connections.

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