8 Fun Apps like TikTok to edit and share Videos

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Would you like to use other Fun Apps like TikTok to edit and share Videos? Check out eight of them in this post.

TikTok is an online social app for altering clips, enabling you to create and broadcast your clips to a globe. Add a soundtrack, conversation, aesthetic effects, and hatred of users who have used this software to amuse themselves or demonstrate their skills in drama, performing vocals, and humor.

It is an app that will continue to amuse us regularly. But We have your backup if you are searching for a different option. Check out some top social sites and video editor applications compared.

Fun Apps like TikTok to edit and share Videos


Though Lomotif was first solely available for iOS, it became available for Android. Inspired by TikTok, it lets you modify films using features like a clip, slow motion, scale both in and out, and more. For quality clinical and authenticity, backing music can also be a good option.

Use many emoticons, stickers, and beauty effects to draw in a following if you want to succeed. You can socialize and acquire admirers by exhibiting your abilities on the app. To create content that has a broader audience, you can work together with your friends.

Both Birthdays and New Decade festivities represent another intriguing aspect of Lomotif. Making a clip of those situations raises your visibility.


It does seem the same on the exterior because both permit you to create and share short videos with friends and fans. Video creators create new content in broad categories, including glamour, humor, entertainment, and cosmetics. You could create horizontal and vertical videos and vicious circles between them to make them extra informative.

In plenty of other words, without being redirected to another channel, online consumers can stay engaged with your Fireworks films, which would be great if you intend to create content that will be shared while keeping your visitors on your site.


It’s a free video-creation app that is similar in many ways. Byte categorizes clips to assist you in locating content that aligns with your preferences. Subtopics include comics, cinematography, strange items, living creatures, mystery, and high fashion. You can establish an account by touching the sphere at a down screen.

It can but for 6.5 minutes, whereas in most streaming platforms, you must use every point in time judiciously. There are no notable special effects on this framework which you might find surprising.


It was created by Reddit and envisioned becoming the most prominent free video-making tool. The software aims to recognize each developer’s unique attributes and abilities by providing all makers and towns,d and cities with the techniques they need to thrive on the device. Unlike other multimedia applications, it will not monitor your GPS module or collect online usage data from third parties. The scheme is designed to accommodate a diverse range.

You can document or publish other videos, apply effects such as filter media, stickers, and typesetting, and focus on promoting your tasks with the expertise that your country wants. The videos could share on other platforms and apps, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook,  and others.


If you enjoy learning about post-production, you’ll enjoy this program because Likee’s special effects are as powerful as they come. Going to make one‟s thoughts a reality is simple, thanks to the plethora of stickers and filters available.

Users can generate rising star vlogs. Because of the application’s song choice, you could star in your live performance. The Ai scene modification tool allows you to play your favorite movie roles without formal training. With Likee, users can create special effects that aren’t available elsewhere.


Triller and TikTok are comparable in many ways, with a solid audio emphasis. Unfortunately, it only allows 15 seconds of any music. It provides you access to a tune that you could use in creating c

Its feature makes editing videos incredibly easy because the software does everything for free. Even better, This app monitors your actions and adjusts them to match the beat of the music you select.


You don’t need any previous edit experience to use Jumprope. This application helps you create professional and engaging exercise plans, cosmetic tutorials, and recipes. Additionally, you can upload your videos to the newly announced online community and other media websites.

Despite being easy to use and allowing anyone to create and publish films of whatever size in a matter of seconds, the site’s fingerprint sensor is devoid of many complex special effects.


Funimate is a tool for youths to manage and post music, even though the app has many capabilities. The program combines cutting-edge filtration and sequences to give your music a distinctive style.

Additionally, users can combine clips to make their custom special effects. Users are encouraged by the application’s team to watch content for achievement rewards, which is a tremendous source of encouragement.

Moreover, it enables users to post your works across several channels. Although Funimate may be downloaded unrestricted, it also does feature in-app subscriptions.

Besides these, there are other apps like TikTok on the internet that you can use to edit and share your fun videos.


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