How to Add Marketplace to Facebook Account Not Having it

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This Blog Post Will Show How to Add Marketplace to Facebook Account Not Having The Facebook Marketplace Icon.

  1. Log out of the Facebook website or app and then log in again.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.
  3. Change your home country to one of the 50 supported by Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Use a new Facebook account daily, comment on posts, and add friends. Once Facebook detects that your account is real and not a fake one made to see products, the Marketplace functionality may be unlocked
  5. Visit the Facebook Marketplace website directly in a web browser. This can be a good backup option if the link refuses to show up on the main Facebook website and within the apps.


Note that while there exists a separate Facebook app and Messenger app, there is no separate Marketplace app, as the marketplace app is in the main Facebook app.


How To Sell Something On Facebook Marketplace

Before you begin to sell on Facebook, you should understand that Facebook has certain rules that guide the operation of the Marketplace. I’ll advise you to acquaint yourself with the Facebook Marketplace rules, so you don’t get this feature disabled by Facebook for violating their policy.

  1. On the buy/sell platform home screen tap the Sell button
  2. Add a photo of your product from CameraRoll or snap it on the spot.
  3. Name your item, provide a description and set the price tag.
  4. Hit the Post button and your product is live!
How to Add Marketplace to Facebook Account Not Having it
How to Add Marketplace to Facebook Account Not Having it


How To Buy Items On Facebook Marketplace

  1.  Find a product that you want to purchase and open its listing.
  2. Very Seller Information and see if the user has a good standing.
  3. Read all the details about the sale and use the Message Seller in case something isn’t clear or you need more info about the item.
  4.  Tap Make Offer and let the seller know how much you are willing to pay for the product.
  5. Wait for feedback and close the deal.


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That’s all on how to add Marketplace to Facebook. I hope this article helps.

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