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How to Hide Apps on iPhone: An effective technique to keep your iPhone’s home screen organised is to hide apps. Fortunately, Apple offers customers a simple solution to conceal any apps they don’t want to show up on their home screen. This post will describe a quick and simple method for hiding apps from view on your iPhone.

iPhones are one of the most popular phones around, and there may be times when you would want to hide certain apps on your phone. If this is the case, you’re in luck because it’s very easy to hide apps on an iPhone.

Reasons to Hide Apps on iPhone

Security and Privacy

The main reason for hiding apps on an iPhone is to increase privacy. By concealing certain apps from plain sight, you’re ensuring that nobody can easily access private information like photos, banking information, or health records.

iPhone privacy

For example, you might want to hide an app like PayPal so that no one can use your account without knowing your password. Or if you store confidential documents in an app like Evernote or Dropbox, it’s best to hide them so they don’t appear on your Home Screen, where others may be able to access them.

Customization of Home Screen

In addition to increasing security, hiding apps on an iPhone can also be a great way to customise your device and keep it looking clean and organized. You can also set up hidden folders or home screens on your device for which only you know the passcode. This makes it easy for you to have quick access to certain apps or files without having them visible when anyone else looks at your phone.

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Fortunately, hiding apps on an iPhone is a relatively straightforward process and takes just a few moments of your time. As previously stated, there are several advantages to hiding apps on an iPhone, including increased privacy and improved customization. Taking just a few moments out of each day can provide extra assurance that all of your private data is kept secure and safe from potential thieves or nosy onlookers! Steps to follow in hiding apps on iPhone are shown below;

  • Start by opening up your Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click the option that says “Screen Time” near the top of your settings page. This will bring up a new screen with several options, including one called “Content and Privacy Restrictions.” Tap on that option.
  • Next, tap the toggle next to Content & Privacy Restrictions at the top of the screen to turn it on if it’s not already enabled. You may be asked for a passcode before you can enable this setting if you haven’t set it up yet.
  • Now scroll down until you see an option called “iTunes & App Store Purchases” and tap on it.
  • Scroll down again until you see an option that says “Installing Apps” and tap on it. You will be presented with two options—either Allow All Apps or Don’t Allow Any Apps—so make sure that you select Don’t Allow Any Apps to hide all apps from appearing in your app library or dock.
  • Next is to find the app you wish to conceal to start the process of hiding it from view. To do this, go to the App list and search for the name of the desired app.
  • Once you’ve found it, simply press it and select Hide. After that, the app will no longer appear on your Home screen, but it will still be accessible using Spotlight Search or from a folder.

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Furthermore, if you want an app hidden but still accessible at all times, consider adding it to a folder or putting it in another area of your device, like the Dock or within Control Center. To move an app into a folder, simply press down on the icon until it starts jiggling and drag it over another icon to create a new folder. You can then rename this folder whatever you would like and add other apps into it as well. Alternatively, long-press on the app icon until it starts jiggling again, then drag it into either Control Center or onto the dock, where it will always be accessible.

With these simple steps, hiding unwanted apps on your iPhone would be easier. Kindly share this article with other iPhone users, so they can learn how to hide apps on iPhones.

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