How to Unblock a Facebook Friend on App and PC

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Would you like to Unblock a Facebook Friend? You can do it on any device, either on a smartphone through the app or on a PC through the web. So, if you do not know how to go about it, this post provides a complete guide on unblocking a FB friend on any device.

Almost everyone has made the snap judgment to block someone from their Facebook account, whether on accident or out of strong emotion. A change of heart can occur anytime, be it a few seconds, a few days, or a few years later.

Is there someone you want to give another chance by letting them read your Facebook profile? If you have accidentally blocked someone on Facebook and want to reconnect with them, you can do it with a few clicks.

To unblock someone on Facebook on your iPhone or PC, follow the steps in this article.

Facebook is a popular way to stay in touch, and many people use it on their iPhones or computer. However, there are occasions when people choose to block others for various reasons. This could be because you don’t want to share your feed with that person, they’ve done you wrong, you’re sick of being around them, etc.

Eventually, you may decide that the person you’ve blocked on Facebook isn’t that unpleasant after all and wish to remove the block. So, here’s the deal with Facebook’s unblocking feature: If you’re unsure how to remove someone from your “Blocked” list on Facebook, your mobile device, PC, or Messenger, read on!

How to Unblock a Facebook Friend using FB App

To win over the masses, convenience is essential. It’s not like something was just discovered. For their mobile apps, social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Facebook have enthusiastically embraced this mentality.

That’s why, unlike Instagram, there are plenty of ways to unblock someone on social networking sites. The Facebook mobile app is one option available on most smartphones. The Facebook app unblocking process goes as follows:

Launch the Mobile App and Sign In

Find the app and tap it to launch it onto the mobile device’s home screen. It is from this point that account access is gained. Supply your login details here. Clicking this will take you to Facebook’s primary homepage.

Select a selection from the Menu Button

Find the menu button to open the primary menu. An improved version of this button will have three horizontal lines. Find it in the upper right corner of the display.

Go to Security & Privacy

A second screen will slide in from the right side of the gadget by tapping the menu button. When this is open, go to the bottom of the menu. A cog icon denoting “Settings & Privacy” will be found here. Put your finger on that.

Navigate to the Preferences Panel

When you click “Settings & Privacy,” a drop-down menu appears at the screen’s very bottom. Next, select “Settings” from the menu.

Look for “Blocking,” then choose it.

You’ll find another blocking choice if you go to the “Settings” menu. The relevant information can be found around halfway down the page. The option to block content will be found in a dedicated “Privacy” submenu. Select “Blocking” from the menu.

Contact the Person Who Will Soon Be Unblocked

There is a running tally of everyone you’ve blocked on the “Blocking” tab. Click anywhere on the person’s name and photo in the horizontal bar to remove them.

Finally, press the “Unblock” button.

If you tap their icon, a pop-up will explain how to unblock them. Note that this cannot be undone for at least 48 hours after it has been done. Two choices exist. Two buttons, “Cancel” and “Unblock.” You should probably go ahead and officially tap the latter.

Unblock a Friend on Facebook using a PC

The use of a mobile phone is not universally favored. Some people, whether by purpose or accident, will need to be able to unblock anyone making use of a desktop computer. Facebook, other social media, and news sites like Twitter have kept this option open. How to unblock someone on Facebook from your computer is explained in detail below.

Go to the site in question and sign in.

Get online by powering up your desktop and going there. Visit Facebook on their website. In this section, enter your username and password to log in to your account.

 Click the Menu Icon

The navigation icon on the desktop site is not the same as on the mobile app. If you scroll to the right of the stream, you’ll find it along the blue icon line. A little arrow pointing down ought to be placed here. Choose this to reveal a submenu of further choices.

Go to “Settings”

Look near the bottom of the menu that appears when you click the arrow pointing down. You’ll find a “Settings” button at the end of the menu. To go to the next relevant page, please click here.

Find the “Blocking” menu item, and click it.

The “General Account Settings” page loads after this one. When you get to this page, you can browse your options using the menu on the left. The “Blocking” option is about in the middle of the list.

Track Down the Precise Person

Blocking users on Facebook is easier to manage on the website. Head over to the “Block users” area for a rundown of who has been barred. An additional user choice will be available as well.

Choose an option under “Unblock” and click “Confirm.”

Select the blue “unblock” button next to their name to remove the block. A confirmation dialog box will appear with additional details about the action you are about to confirm. To finish the operation, click the “Confirm” button.


If someone is bothering you online, you may easily ban them on Facebook and unblock them later.

When a user unblocks another, the former blocker is granted greater access to the unblocked user’s profile. To unblock someone on Facebook, use one of the two solutions described above.

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