Delete Facebook Activity Log

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A quick guide on how to delete Facebook activity Log in 2021.

Deleting the Facebook activity log can be done as fast as possible, and in this article, I will show you how.

A quick method to delete Facebook Activity Log:

Go to Activity Log. Click on the More link (just under Photos, likes, comment) provided in the right section.. then click on the Search option.
You will see an option “Clear Searches“.. click on that and you are done!!!

How to remove a Search from Activity Log

Your activity log includes a list of the things you search for on Facebook. Remember, no one else can see your activity log.

To remove a search:

  1. Open your activity log, click More, and then select Search from the left column
  2. Click  next to the search entry you want to remove
  3. Click Delete

However, we came across a few browser extensions and user-scripts for the web that are ‘in a way’ capable of removing all the Facebook activities in the activity log. Unfortunately, they either worked briefly or simply hid the post and not delete it. Writing a user-script for this task is really challenging as Facebook keeps updating its site to counter any removal tools and scripts.

Therefore, as a user who desperately wants to remove your past embarrassments or other stuff from your Facebook timeline, you only have two options.

Delete your Facebook activity one by one

If you still need your account, this is the only way you’ll have to do it. You can either go through your past posts by year in your timeline and remove it or use the little-known tool on this day to find your old stuff on Facebook and delete it. The only downside is that you’ll have to repeat it for a few days to search for and remove every old stuff you have posted on your timeline. Is that regret? 😛 Cool! Everyone feels the same when looking at their old posts.

Another option is to use a macro to finish the job, but with Facebook changing time to time, it is impossible to get hold of one that does the job. Try your own luck with iMacros for Chrome and Firefox. Here is the macro that worked for us in 2013. You’ll have to run this macro from the activity page.




URL GOTO=<your user name>/allactivity


URL GOTO=javascript:window.scrollBy(0,40000)

TAG POS=1 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:mrs<SP>_2fmu<SP>img<SP>sp_QBCOUI41A2w<SP>sx_ab5bdb&&TXT:





On the front of the extension, there is this really shady one called “F___book Post Manager” that has so many fake and genuine reviews that claim to do the job. Check it out at your own risk. Warning: The extension forces you to pay, disable a

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