Cancel Sent By Me Requests: How to Cancel Friend Requests on FB

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Cancel Sent By Me Requests: How to Cancel Friend Requests on FB

Friends are a “significant component of Facebook.” Otherwise, mates, there is no Facebook on the planet after that. Like a chain with the strength of friendship, it runs. Facebook users could send a friend request to a known person and cancel friend requests sent out.

How to Cancel Friend Requests on Facebook


So how does one cancel a friend request sent on Facebook by you?

How to cancel a sent friend request is a question that many people have asked our team of experts over the last months.

To address that issue, we decided to write this article, which is intended to benefit the persons that have been asking us how to do this, as well as others who may need this knowledge. Hence, if you are ready, we are ready too.

Cancel Sent By Me Requests: How to Cancel Friend Requests on FB
Cancel Sent By Me Requests: How to Cancel Friend Requests on FB


In this article, I will be writing about the best and easiest ways of cancelling a sent friend request on Facebook.

if you are reading this article, I want to assume that you may have mistakenly sent a friend request to the wrong person, and you want to learn how to unsend it ( if such word exists) right? Let’s go.

With Facebook, you can send text messages, videos, audios, and even emojis to your friends and family. All these are ways Facebook tries to build connectivity with people who may or may not be in the same location.

However, Facebook was really designed to be a platform that can easily network every person in the known universe. Whether you like it or not, everybody on Facebook is in one way of the other linked to one another.

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This connectivity of people is only made available through sending and receiving friends request from people.

With Facebook, you can send friend requests, and you can as well receive friend requests from different people.

If, however, you sent a request to somebody by mistake, don’t worry about that too much as Facebook has already provided a means by which you can cancel the sent request. To do that, follow our simple guide below.

How To Cancel Sent Friend Request On Facebook

Doing this is one of the most simple things one can do on Facebook. However, to the non-initiates, it could be complex stuff. Follow our guide below, and you will be happy you did just that.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Look at the top menu of your Facebook page; You will see an icon that looks like an avatar of two persons, the name of that icon is sent a request; click on it.
  • When you click on it, you will see the view sent request section, click on it to open it.
  • You will see all the active friend requests you have sent on this page.
  • Locate the particular person you want to cancel his friend request, and click on the cancel request.
  • This will automatically cancel the sent request to that person without the person getting to know that you ever sent him or her any request. This process is simple.

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