Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Listing Not Showing Up?

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Why Can’t I See My Listing on Facebook Marketplace? These are The Top 9 Solutions for Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up Issues

Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform, with over a billion users, for selling goods and used items right from the official Facebook app. However, occasionally, some listings might not appear. Here’s how to address that:

Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Listing Not Showing Up?

Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up (Fixes)


  1. Check Your Network Connection: If your phone’s network is down, the Marketplace might not display listings. Try toggling Airplane mode on and then off to refresh the connection.
    • iPhone: Swipe down from top-right > Tap Airplane mode > Toggle off after a few seconds.
    • Android: Swipe down from home > Tap Airplane mode > Toggle off after a few seconds.
  2. Restart the Facebook App: Close the app entirely and relaunch it.
    • Swipe up from home screen > Find Facebook app card > Swipe it away to close > Reopen Facebook.
  3. Re-Login to Facebook: An authentication error might prevent listings from showing. Sign out and back into your account.
    • Open Facebook > Tap Menu icon > Scroll & tap “Log out” > Log in again.
  4. Adhere to Facebook Guidelines: Ensure you haven’t violated any Marketplace rules. Violations can lead to restricted access.
  5. Manage Web Extensions: Some third-party browser extensions can interfere with the Marketplace. Review and disable or remove problematic ones.
    • Using Chrome as an example: Open Chrome > Click on the three dots (top-right) > More tools > Extensions > Disable or remove unwanted extensions.
  6. Adjust Marketplace Location: Your set region might affect visible listings. Check and adjust it if necessary.
    • Open Facebook > Tap Marketplace icon > Check location at the top > Adjust if needed.
  7. Turn off VPN: An active VPN can change your virtual location, affecting listings. Try disabling it and accessing the Marketplace again.
  8. Switch Browsers: If you have browser-specific issues, consider using another like Edge, Firefox, Opera, or Brave.
  9. Update Facebook App: Ensure you’re using the latest version of the Facebook app. Update it from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) if needed.


Concluding Note:

Facebook Marketplace offers a variety of deals. If listings aren’t showing, these tips can help. Share which one worked for you in the comments!

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