Easiest way to Upload Long Video on Facebook Story Without Trimming

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The Facebook story is an excellent feature on the Blue app that has stayed for a while.  Since it was first introduced, almost every user has posted a video or photo to entertain friends or keep them informed. However, one thing is that it usually allows short videos, and if you attempt to upload a longer one, it will trim it off. 

Can one upload a longer video to his FB story?https://nixygame.com/upload-long-vide…without-trimming/

Of course, yes. Facebook Lite, regarded as the older app version of the popular social platform, can upload longer videos of over 20 minutes to your FB story even though it is mostly used by users who would like to manage their data.

Besides fun activities, this feature is also useful for business and educational purposes. 

If you are an active user with many fans, you can make promotional videos or even nice business flyers and upload them to your story. That is a cost-free marketing strategy. In fact, we can tag the results as organic since you are not using any paid service from the platform.

Also, if you are an online tutor or planning to become one, you can upload videos in line with your field to your FB story, giving free tips and some lessons that can interest your followers.

Many would always like to go with long videos, but the limitation would not allow them. There is a way out! That is exactly what we want to address in this post. 

What is a Facebook Story?

We will call it a twenty-four-hour-long video, image, text, or animation-sustaining feature. How did it sound? Straight to the point! Yeah, that is exactly what it is.

The duration of whatever you upload to your story cannot exceed the twenty-four hours interval. So, if it is what you would like to put for a longer time, keep updating after every daily interval.

The location of the story on the app and even the web version is highly conspicuous, making it even easier for your friend or followers to see and view.

Moreover, this feature is not limited to the mother app but is also on the Facebook messenger platform. Whatever you post in your story will also reflect through your friends’ messenger apps for easier publicity.

What is a Normal Facebook Video Story Length?

The story is not where you upload videos of any length. Instead, it was programmed for short videos. This is common among major social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others. 

This short-while-video feature can generate traffic to your page based on how well you use it. Since the duration is brief, after a clip or so, some users can decide to follow up on your page so they can keep viewing your story.

The normal Facebook video story length is about 20 seconds, and videos beyond this length are trimmed off, and the remaining part gets lost after reaching that length.

There are some video lengths you would want to upload so viewers can understand everything, but the normal Facebook video story length limitation would not allow you. 

To upload longer videos, you can try out the method in the next section.

How to Upload Long Video on Facebook Story Without Trimming

Here is the easiest way to upload longer videos on your story. Follow the step and practice it on your android device.

  • Go to the Google play store
  • Search and install Facebook lite
  • After that, log into your account
  • Open your gallery and click on the video you would like to share
  • After that, click the share button and choose FB lite
  • Select story and allow the upload

That is all. 

Why You should use FB Story for your business

You should use this feature for your business for many reasons, especially if your business is on FB. It is a great tool that can drive massive traffic to your page or group if you can understand and follow what is trending or understand what most users are interested in.

If you understand the kind of content that interests your audience, you can use it to create short videos and upload them to your story. Besides your audience, following the trend of activities can help you to increase your followers or fan base.

Many FB users are more interested in watching videos and scrolling to find images. So, if you can consistently upload unique, simple but sweet, and interesting videos with some clips on your business to your story, you can make sales or provide services through your FB story.

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