Top Archeological Software Programs

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Archeology is the scientific study of people and lifestyle based on historical evidences in form of material remains. Archeologist try to peep into the past, gather material remains, piece them together and try to make sense of it – they try to study and understand past cultures, and the concepts humanity upheld in the earliest time of being.

How they lived, worked, fed, integrated and related with one another and with their environment. All these they seek to understand using prehistoric remains as evidences for investigation. These remains could be materials and objects created and used in time past, called artifacts.

With these evidences littered across the globe, and in fact some buried in the earth for several centuries, the task of seeking and investigating these remains could be quite tedious, burdensome and in fact time consuming.

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However with the revolution in the tech world, several areas and aspect of study in the world has benefited greatly from it. Archeology is one of such areas. Rather than the crude ways, technology is precise in rendering services for tracking of these remains, and careful excavation to obtain this artifacts underneath the earth.

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But technology even pushes further. With modern tech, such as laser scanners, satellite technologies and archeological software, information and precise task can be executed. Searching, mapping out and digging up prehistoric remains could be quite strenuous. But with these modern technologies, these task seem easily achievable now.

Top 5 Archeological Software Programs

Archeological software are one of such modern technologies, which is in fact a powerful tool used by archeologist in their complex quest of investigating and understanding history and prehistory. Just as important as axes and brushes are, archeological software have been proven as well important. These software they use for a couple of functions, like plotting archeological site location and determining the age of artifacts through radiocarbon. Below are very powerful software program, archeologist would find handy.

  • GIS (Geographical Information System): GIS is about one of the most powerful and popular software tool of an archeologist. The software allows the archeologist to plot maps, provides relevant informations, store data and find locations. GIS also does several complex analysis and is built up with a series of interesting tools that almost makes it a multipurpose software.
  • Agisoft Photoscan: Agisoft Photos can is an excellent software used for photogrammetry. The software is built with tools used for processing of digital images and produces 3D spatial info to be used in GIS.
  • ArchEd: ArchEd is another excellent archeological software programme used for drawing and editing Harris metrics diagrams in archeology.
  • BASP Airphoto: Airphoto is an outstanding archeological software programme, built with tools for aerial photography and mapping with quality and wide range graphic display. It also does tasks as statistics, correspondence analysis, simulations and others.
  • Bchron: Bchron is an outstanding software tool used for carbon dating. The programme allows calibration of radiocarbon dates under several calibration curves. The software is also engineered with several assortment of tools that allows it operate multiple functions and task.

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