The top 8 Resident Evil Games Ever

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Since the Resident Evil games sequence has been around for over 20 years, it has experienced its share of highs and lows. It has been among the most well-liked video game series ever since the debut of the maiden volume in 1996.

Following its early breakthrough, it expanded into other games on various systems, such as smartphones. But now, in this post, we’ll reveal which Resident Evil games is the best of all time and one you must play.

Since its debut in 1996, it has sought to maintain its grasp on the coveted zombie shooting title. As you may not be aware, the franchise established the surviving horror subgenre.

Apart from that, they needed help to retain a tight grip on the genre, veering farther towards absurd, confusing mythology dumps and Matrix-like action scenes as the scale and aim of the series rose. Resident Evil made every effort to improve with each rebirth, and while they weren’t always perfect, they were always intriguing and unusual.

The top 8 Resident Evil Games Ever

Resident-Evil 4

Aside from an invasion of unseen insects in the sewage channel and doomed Spanish residents, Resident Evil 4 also features combat-trained herbalists with badges and guns, demonic nuns with tendrils for heads, and an even companion who would fit in better in a game.

They eventually updated the show’s old-fashioned gameplay by doing away with the upper camera and post scenery. Thus, it is included in the top PlayStation 3 Evil games list.

Resident Evil 2

Evil2 came out with self-assurance and passion. It has a seamless flow from start to finish.

More than any other game before its design, Resident-2 manages to strike that balance between fear and combat. The artistic license Capcom gave shows that the company has faith in the series’ direction.

Resident Evil7: Biohazard

By incorporating the best elements of the previous installments and a fresh first-person viewpoint, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard moves the franchise into a fresh new path.

It is likely among the top Virtual games available. The whole game can be played in virtual reality, and it’s an amazing sensation, and the change to first-person is the only thing that makes it possible.

Resident-Evil 2

The franchise first proved it was not just a House of the Dead ripoff with Resident Evil2. Capcom intended to create something greater and more successful following the breakthrough of the first one. It is still regarded as the best Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil Remake

Without question, the first Resident Evil had a significant impression on the gaming sector in general, but there were a few restrictions back then. However, when this one was released, it was hailed as a tech wonder and is still a visual feast.

The adversaries are actually scary, and the home is stunning in every nook and cranny. Capcom can add superb illumination using GameCube technology, greatly enhancing the game’s menacing tone and enhancing the already outstanding ambiance.

Resident-Evil Veronica

When Veronica was originally made available, it had a great visual appearance and adheres to the tried-and-true Resident Evil format. With a brand-new layer of paint, it offers the same plodding tomb raider sensation as the original 3 matches.

The game represented a technological advance because it introduced a moving camera and completely generated 3D backdrops for the first time in the franchise. The game, however, functioned nearly like Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Resident-Evil 5

It’s incredibly challenging to enjoy and even more challenging to suggest this series. Although there are some wonderful experiences, they are rare and far between, and the void is occupied with horrible things.

Evil 5 feels like it goes backward for every move ahead, and as a result, it ends up seeming like a list of thoughts recycled from RE4 rather than ever feeling novel or innovative.

Evil Revelations 2

The majority of folks have yet to try this game. In 2015, Revelations2 was launched in serial form to minimal acclaim. Making a Resident-Evil game on a shoestring cost was an attempt by Capcom.

It became a tiny footnote in history, swiftly disregarded. Although they did it earlier, many appreciated Evil2’s straight restoration to the original RE concept. In contrast to the confined spaces of the ship, the shore is full of fascinating, unusual settings, such as a jail, a castle, a big laboratory, and even the vast wilderness.

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