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Stone Soup Production Company – Taipei-Based Movie Production Company

Stone Soup is a production company that was founded with the name and ethos inspired by storytelling as a form of both art and communication. The company does not have any physical borders so you can hire them from anywhere around the world for film production especially if your target is Asia or the Taiwanese market. Stone Soup Production Company are a talented group of people that are both resourceful and motivated. SSP Company were brought together by the hunger and desire to collaborate and create something new. The fable itself is an example of this. Stone Soup Production Company’s mission is to create work in the fields of film, documentary, and commercial production that is not only meaningful but also provocative and inspiring.

They offer a comprehensive service that begins with the conception stage and continues through production, post-production, and distribution thanks to the incredible network of partners with which they collaborate. Stone Soup Production Company make it a priority to break new ground in the creative realm whenever the opportunity presents itself and also guarantees that they will bring the same insatiable appetite and boundless inventiveness to each and every production.​

Contact SSP Company to provide you with one of their local Fixers, a translator, and transportation for you and your crew while you are in Taiwan if your brand or company is interested in filming in Taiwan and they will be bringing their own team of production professionals to help you achieve your film, video, documentary production need.  Check them out on the following channels:

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