Pinterest Login With Facebook Account

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Pinterest Login guide 2021. Login in to your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Google accounts is easy and fast as possible.

Pinterest is one of the rather major social media platforms. Since its launch in 2009, Pinterest has thrived continually and now boasts a regular monthly user strength of 200 million. The platform paves the way for its users to identify their interests, an inspiration hardly noticed on other platforms.

To share in the experience, you first have to login to your Pinterest account. This article contains a guide on how you can login to your Pinterest account – in various ways.

Means Of Pinterest Login

Accessing your Pinterest account requires that you must be an already registered user with the said account. Other than making use of the conventional Pinterest login process, you can actually use either your Facebook or Google account as well. The steps to using these different means will be presented with the utmost clarity.

Requirements For Pinterest Login

Pinterest, just like every othe social media platform has its own login requirements. These requirements are more or less similar to those of the other platforms. Here they are:

  • Your login email or phone number.
  • Your login password.

The above requirements are a necessity if you must login to your Pinterest account. If you have them, then you can get right pn to logging in without any issues.

Steps To Login To Pinterest

To login and gain access to your pins (photos, GIFs, videos), follow steps presented below:

A. Login Using The Conventional Process

  • Visit the Pinterest official website via
  • Enter your login details in the distinct areas provided.
  • Click Login.

This will take you to your home feed, where your pins, as well as those of the people you follow, are displayed.

B. Login Using Facebook Or Google Account

Pinterest grants its users the liberty of logging in using either their Facebook or Google account. This is achieved by syncing their Facebook and Google accounts with Pinterest. This offers login ease and versatility. The steps for this means are presented below:

  • Visit the official website of Pinterest via

Below the “Login” button are the “Continue with Facebook” and “Log in with Google” ones.

  • Select the option of your choosing by clicking it.

This will ensure a successful login to your Pinterest account.

Use Facebook or Google account for Pinterest login

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