How to Use Instagram Login with Facebook

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How to Use Instagram Login with Facebook

If you are reading this article, chances that you might have heard your friends discussing the possibility of doing this, but the issue is, you may not know how to get that done. That’s why this article becomes pertinent to you.

It is no longer news that Facebook has acquired Instagram.

This monumental acquisition means that Facebook and Instagram have now become one and the same things, not in terms of being a single program, but the same database, which means newer possibilities that previously does not exist.

The good news I want to bring to you today is that you can now log into your Instagram account with your Facebook details.

One may ask, why do I really need to log into my Instagram account with my Facebook details when I already have my Instagram login details.

Sure, this question is not out of place. However, a couple of reasons could account for why a person may need to do this.

Among them is the fact that you can easily forget your Instagram login details at a point you want to log into your Instagram account.

At that point, using your Facebook details to gain access to your Instagram account becomes not only pertinent but also fun.

Hence, have known about these possibilities, I’m sure you can’t wait to explore this possibility right? If you are desirous of knowing how to go about this, then read on.

How To Log Into Instagram Through Facebook

Internet is all about connectivity. And with this, we now see the option to log into different websites with other popular websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google account, etc. This is not much different from Facebook login to Instagram.

To log in to your Instagram account via Facebook, simply follow our step by step guide below

On your phone, simply open your Instagram app or open your browser and search for to assess the Instagram login page.

When you reach the login page, the option to log in will be visible. It will automatically redirect you to your Instagram profile, without the need of you filling in any other details. This happens if you are logged into your Facebook account. This is what a lot of Facebook users do.

But if you are not logged into your Facebook account before you log into your Instagram, you will be redirected to another window to fill in your Facebook login details.

As soon as you fill in your Facebook login details accurately and click on the login button in that window, you will be automatically redirected to your Instagram account.


This method is used when people do not remember or misplace their Instagram login details. Once in a while, we misplaced our login details and if that happens to you with Instagram, you can always do a Facebook login.

It is exceedingly easy to do an Instagram login with Facebook. Our readers have commented on how stress-free and less strenuous it is.

This article has now has enlightened you on how to make do an Instagram login with Facebook, a very easy way of logging on Instagram. As we have shown to you.

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