How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace | Buyer Wants Money Back (Fixed)

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How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace.

Speaking of Facebook Marketplace Buyer Wants a Refund, Facebook has evolved from just a platform for social interaction and communication; it has become a more active platform where people can buy and sell. Now switching to the topic of the main article, just like any other marketplace, situations might arise where you, as a buyer, might demand a refund for something you have purchased.


Facebook Marketplace: Buyer Wants Money Back?


Addressing this issue, you should first note that Facebook note takes responsibility for items that are being sold in the marketplace, and there is just one situation whereby Facebook is obligated to issue a marketplace refund, and that is if you used the onsite checkout feature if you have your item covered under that Facebook purchase protection policy, you’d get a refund for the full purchase price of the product and any shipping costs.

For those that fall into this category, you can start a refund process using Facebook’s Purchase Protection if you didn’t receive your order, you received damaged goods, if the seller didn’t follow their refund policy, or if the purchase was unauthorized.

How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace
How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace


Do You Have to Give a Refund on Facebook Marketplace?

Items bought with checkout from individual sellers are not returnable because they are final sales. Buyers usually cover the shipping cost of returns unless the return is subjected to purchase protection.

Does Facebook Marketplace Have Money Back Guarantee?

The Facebook purchase protection policies protect all purchases issued with the checkout on Facebook.

Does Facebook Payment Have Buyer Protection?

The Purchase protection policies only apply when you purchase an item with shipping or checkout on Facebook.

The Rules of Marketplace

To buy or sell on the marketplace, there are specific rules that you must adhere to; below are some  of the rules of the Facebook marketplace:

  1. Certain items cannot be sold
  2. You must sell a physical item
  3. The description of the item must match the image
  4. Before-and-after pictures are prohibited.

The Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

For those who are planning to  sell on the Facebook marketplace, below are some of the things that  sell best on the Facebook marketplace:

  1. Children’s Clothes, Toys, and Furniture. Historically, children’s items sell well on Facebook Marketplace. …
  2. Gently Used Electronics in Good Condition. Popular electronics and gadgets also sell well.
  3. Furniture
  4. Handmade Items
  5. Anything Not Worth Shipping.

How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

Ensuring your safety on the Facebook marketplace is quite simple; all you need to do is to fools the below tips.

  1. Buy and Sell Locally
  2. Check the Seller or Buyer’s Facebook Profile.
  3. Discuss the Details of the Transaction Before the Meeting
  4. Arrange an Instant Payment
  5. Consider Bringing a Friend With You
  6. Meet in a Public Place.
  7. Trust Your Instincts.
  8. Don’t Divulge Personal Information.

How to Remove My Bank Account from Facebook Marketplace

For those who have added their bank account to their payment methods on the Facebook marketplace and have decided to remove it, you are to follow the below processes

  1. Remove your bank account from your payment methods.
  2. In the Payment Method section, click Show More to display all of your ad account’s payment methods.
  3. Find your bank account and then click Remove.
  4. In the confirmation screen, click Remove

You must follow the above process to remove your bank account from the Facebook marketplace.

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