How to See your Facebook Friendship Page

If you have used Facebook for a long time, there is a likelihood that you have shared some wonderful memories with your friends. This can be in the form of tagging them in your posts, photos, and videos and even inviting them to an event. You can see them on the Facebook friendship page — a great place to find those activities you and a friend have been involved in during your time on Facebook.

What the friendship page on Facebook is where you can find the posts and tagging, the videos in which you have tagged your friends, the invites where friends have responded with you. You can even find your mutual friends there. It is a timeline customized for you and your friend.


Where to find your Facebook friendship page

So in order to find your Facebook friendship page with any friend of yours, do the following:

  • Go to the timeline of the friend. You can also search for her name and click wherever you see her image and name.
  • At the timeline of your friend, you will find an icon shaped like a gear at the low right side of her cover photo. Click it.
  • Then you will find a drop-down menu, you will see friendship among the options. Click it.


Where to find the Facebook friendship page of other Facebook users

The tips below will help you find the Facebook friendship page of other users of Facebook:

  • Log into your account on Facebook.
  • Go to the timeline of the friends you want to explore their friendship page.
  • Copy the Facebook users’ ID from the URL. You will find it at the address bar — the characters after the Facebook name. For instance, if the link is, the user’s Facebook ID is ‘peter. desmond’
  • Go the timeline of the other Facebook user and copy the user’s Facebook ID by following the step above.
  • After that, head to your browser and paste the following information:
  • Swap ‘FirstID’ for the first ID, and swap ‘secondID’ for the other user’s ID. Tap enter.
  • You will find the Facebook friendship page.
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