How to See My Blocked List on Facebook

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A lot of people quickly block some of their Facebook friends without having to think twice. If you hastily blocked your friend on Facebook and you want to unblock them, you will need to visit your blocked list, if you need help with that then read this ‘how to see my blocked list on Facebook’ guide.

Facebook is a social media platform that brings people of different beliefs, conduct, understanding, shapes, sizes, and mentality together in a very close range to promote socialization, communication, and love__as the case may be.

These diversities among members of the community is one reason offense and agitation is inevitable, it is easy to get offended and very easy to be misunderstood since some of your friends have a totally different background from you.

Facebook saw this coming, they knew it was not going to be an easy task creating an understanding between two persons with entirely opposite views and beliefs, so the ‘block’ feature was introduced in case communication got bad at any point.

Sometimes, you might need a little sense of freedom from a guardian or family member, you want to keep some of your moments, post, and activities on social media away from them, the best thing to do this is to simply block them.

Have it in mind that anyone you block on your account will be locked out from viewing your tags, posts, they will not be able to tag you in a comment neither will the be able to send you an invite to any group or upcoming event.

They will also not be able to begin a communication with you. In fact, blocking them implies that you have seized keeping them as your Facebook friend. So even if you have a change of mind later in the future and unblock them, you will need to still send them a friend request.

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If you have been using the Facebook block feature and you are finding it difficult to remember your blocked victims, or you want to give someone you blocked a second chance by unblocking them, then this article is for you.

How to See Blocked List On Facebook Mobile Device

Unblocking your friends varies with the device you are using. To see your Facebook blocked list on a mobile device, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the menu icon at the top right of your Facebook account homepage.

Step 2:  Move down to where you will find Settings & Privacy and tap on it.

Step 3: Enter the Settings options.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Blocking option and click on it.

A list of your blocked Facebook friends will load open if you followed the steps carefully. It is your choice to unblock as many as you want per time. It is also your choice to view the list and walk away.

How to Unblock Someone On Facebook Mobile Device

Having seen the list of your blocked Facebook friends, you need to decide if you need them back. Having decided to unblock them, you will find an Unblock option beside each name of your blocked victims, head to the name you want to unblock and click on the one beside their name.

When you have clicked on the unblock option, you have successfully informed the Facebook team that you need that friend you blocked back and the Facebook team can’t give you a NO for an answer.

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You must note that if for any reason you unblock a blocked friend on Facebook, you won’t be able to block them again until a few days after. Also, even when you have unblocked someone, the person will still be able to view your shared posts on Facebook with the public.

The person too will not become your friend automatically, so, you will have to send the person a friend request again and hold on for the person to accept the request.

How to See Blocked List On Facebook Desktop Computer

To view your blocked list on Facebook using a Desktop computer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the little triangle on the top right of your Facebook homepage, as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Head down and select Settings in the pop-up space.

Step 3:  Click Blocking as seen in the below screenshot on the new page that will load open.

Step 4: When you click ‘Blocking’, you will be directed to the Blocked Users section where you will see a list of people you blocked on Facebook.

How to Unblock Someone On Facebook Desktop Computer

If you wish to unblock any of the persons you blocked, simply click Unblock next to the name the person you want to unblock.

Next, you should Click Confirm to finish unblocking the person.

That’s all. Thanks for your time.

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