How to Log into Skype | Skype Download & Sign up

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Logging in to Skype is one way of connecting to many people across diverse corners of the globe. It remains a platform through which visual interactions ensue among people of various classes.

Logging into this video-enabling platform assists billions of people worldwide in making liberty videos-calls and voice calls. For instance, business organisations use this platform to disseminate information to their customers. People in different professions, disciplines and careers equally use the application to relate with others on issues of common interest.

Whether in groups or private entities, firms Log in to the Skype platform. This provides them and their customer’s opportunities to exchange ideas with visuals in a clear and credible dimension.

Logging in to the platform further guarantees firms and their customers the chance to get their intentions exchanged among themselves. This works on mobile devices, computers and tablets. Signing into Sk requires users to first install the application into their devices.

This article takes users into the process of logging into the application. Attention also goes to downloading and installing on different devices. The procedures shown below will guide users in using the Skype application.

How to Download and Install Skype on Android and I-phone

  • Locate App Store (for I-phone users) and Google Play Store (For Android phone users) among the applications on the device.
  • Locate, then touch the search sign on your right screen.
  • Write in Skype within the available space and touch the “search” sign
  • Locate and Touch the Sk application.
  • Touch Get, and then from the result, touch Install (for I-phone users). Touch Install (for android-phone users).
  • For I-phone users, provide your apple ID or passcode where necessary. For Android users, touch open if ready to create an account.

How to Sign up for Skype on Android and I-phone

  • Locate the Skype application among your various apps.
  • Locate, then touch the Enter-User-Name. Since it is your first time, locate and touch Create-Acct (down your screen). Depending on their preference, new users can sign up with GSM numbers or e-mail.
  • Provide the necessary information about your name, home country, birthdate, and others. Move to “Next”
  • Provide the code in your electronic mail or GSM, then proceed to ‘Next’. This will help confirm your ID.
  • Write the correct security characters on your screen within a specific space, then touch Next.
  • Where necessary, provide the GSM, then touch the right semi-circle sign on your screen.
  • Write in your passcode, then touch Next.
  • Touch Sign-Up.

How to Log In to Skype

The next action is logging in after successful download, installation, and sign-up to Sk. In the discussion below are some procedures you can undertake to achieve that.

  • Locate the Skype app among the many apps on your device.
  • Inside the available space, provide your Sk ‘name’ (It is not the electronic mail you are using but the name associated with the acct)
  • Provide the passcode for your acct (It may not work when you provide an incorrect code).
  • Locate, then touch the sign-in command on your screen.

How to Log In to Skype Via Microsoft-acct

  • Locate then touch it
  • Locate the touch Microsoft-Acct
  • provide the Microsoft-Acct, with the passcode
  • Touch Sign-in

How to Log In to Skype Via Facebook Acct

  • Locate and then touch the app
  • Locate the touch Sign-In-with-Facebook (down the right screen)
  • provide the GSM number or E-mail with the passcode for your FB.
  • Touch Log-in (at the right screen, provision is made to choose automatic sign-in when next you use the platform).
  • Make your choice, then choose, okay?
  • Select Log-in-with-Fb, then complete the process.
  • Grant the order to use your FB acct
  • Locate the touch Get-Started
  • Understand the T&C, then proceed to accept.

With these steps, your logging in is successful. It is that simple yet rewarding. You now enjoy all the significant values of using the application. The application is user-friendly when users log in. It entertains all classes of users and meets their communication needs in a manner that satisfies them.

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