How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently: Guide

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

Looking for a straightforward method to permanently erase your Facebook account? Your search ends here. Dive into our guide below to find out how you can put an end to your Facebook presence.


How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently


How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently


Steps to Wipe Out Your Facebook Existence:

  1. Unlink Connected Applications

Facebook’s seamless feature is the ability to use its credentials to log in to various other platforms like Instagram, Spotify, or Pinterest. This convenience, however, compromises our privacy by sharing our data with other apps. To start your journey to Facebook detachment:

  • Click the arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook homepage.
  • Choose “Settings” and then select “Apps” in the left-hand column.
  • Under “Apps, websites, and plug-ins”, click the edit button.
  • Disable the platform, then proceed to delete the connected apps.
  1. Erase Activity Trails

It’s time to sweep away the traces of your online actions.

  • Click the dropdown arrow and choose “Activity Log”.
  • Utilize the edit option to delete or unlike each entry in your log.
  1. Archive Your Data

To retain memories or data associated with your account:

  • Head to the settings menu.
  • In “General Account Settings”, find and select the option to download all your data.
  • An email will be sent with a download link. Once downloaded, this zip file will unveil all your photos, friend lists, ads, and more – perhaps even the reasons you’re quitting Facebook.
  1. Temporarily Deactivate (Optional)

If you’re hesitant about leaving Facebook for good, there’s a halfway option: deactivation.

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose “General” on the left.
  • Click “Manage your account” and find the option to deactivate. Remember, deactivation isn’t permanent. You can return by simply logging in.
  1. Permanently Delete Your Account

Finding the delete option can be a maze.

  • Access the help menu and search for “delete account”.
  • Look for a link labeled “let us know”. This link navigates you to the deletion page.
  • Click “delete my account”, provide your password, complete the captcha, and initiate the deletion.

But, Facebook doesn’t wave goodbye immediately. They’ll retain your data for 14 days, hoping you’d reconsider. Accessing Facebook or any linked service during this period will cancel your deletion request.

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In Summary: Rethink your digital footprint and replace virtual interactions with real-life connections. Nothing beats an actual conversation or a genuine hug over a digital thumbs-up.

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