How Long Will My Facebook Account Remain Disabled

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Facebook can disable any account at any point in time. Facebook users are also given the privilege to disable their own accounts whenever they see the need. Facebook mostly disables Facebook account where the user has breached their terms of service. It also possible that another Facebook user may have filed a complaint about the ‘disabled account’ because of malware compromise or that account has fallen prey to hackers.

If you are the one that disabled your Facebook account, it is very simple to reactivate your Facebook account which will restore all your data and personal information — this comprises of your friends, posts, images and videos, settings etc. But if Facebook suddenly disabled your Facebook account without prior informing you, then you will have to appeal before your account is reactivated. The process of Facebook reactivating a disabled account is long and we are here to guide you with the process.


Why Facebook disabled your account

You may wonder why Facebook disabled your account. Well, it might that you posted a sexually inappropriate picture. Facebook discourages users from posting nude pictures. It may also be possible that you posted hate or racist comment. Facebook also disable accounts that use a fake name or impersonate other users. Facebook users that make contact with others to harass or swindle them are also disabled.

Facebook may also disable certain features of users account for a very short period. If this is the case with your account, we advise you should wait for some time, try to understand the reason you have been barred and try to conform to Facebook’s community standard.

Your account may also be disabled because it has been hacked.


So how do you reactivate your account if it has been disabled by Facebook?

If you suspect that Facebook mistakenly deactivated your account, you have to rectify the situation immediately. We advise you to feel this form, it is accessible even if you are currently not logged into Facebook.

We also recommend you send an email to Facebook and request the reason for disabling your account and implore that you will abide by their terms of services once your account is reactivated.

You can also find additional information and assistance in the Facebook help section. You will find reasons for account disabling there.

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