How long does Walgreens hold Prescriptions?

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Walgreens remains a long-standing dispensary in the United States. Considering its popularity in the US, Walgreens enjoys a huge preference. Patients from different corners make endless appearances with their prescriptions. And as a matter of responsibility, this pharmacy fills many such prescriptions daily.

In some instances, patients may have difficulties collecting their medications. One of many reasons could be that their schedules constitute a strong hindrance. Such a situation is worrisome in itself. Numerous patients in such instances may have tendencies to feel uncomfortable.

In truth, various customers deposit their pres in this dispensary with the hope of picking them up at a later period. Yet many patients remain uncertain about what happens if they cannot pick up their prescriptions the same day upon dropping them off.

The above situations might warrant questioning when this pharmacy usually holds prescriptions after filling them. Answering this question makes this article timely. In it, attention focuses on how long this US dispensary keeps medications.

Walgreens’ Duration for Holding Prescriptions

This drug firm has varying prescription retention periods within its years of existence and operation. The duration depends on the particular office location. It also depends on the locality in which patients are residents.

Seven (7) days is the standard duration for keeping such medicines upon filling them. The NY office upholds twelve (12) days. Their “Duane Reade” office maintains ten (10) days duration.

However, confirming the particular duration for your current location requires speaking with the customer service personnel. Patients can also have direct access to the company’s duration through inquiries from the sales reps. Interested patients can access reachable contacts at the company’s official website (

Those contacts have sufficient information on the specific duration for keeping patients on-demand medications. This makes it necessary to reach out to them and get firsthand information for clarity and actions.

What Happens to Unpicked Filled Prescriptions?

When patients seem unable to collect their medications upon expiration of the duration for collection, prescriptions return to display points.

However, this Medicine Company upholds the procedure of sending reminder messages to their customers. This happens when they notice that their customers have drugs yet to pick. Patients can also receive reminder calls up to two or three times.

Duration for Retaining Prescriptions Records in Walgreens

This dispensary upholds fantastic customer-care records. Its value addition also focuses on customer satisfaction. Aside from its remarkable consideration for excellence in responding to prescriptions, this pharmacy also keeps records. The company’s policy specifies two years for keeping prescription history.

In addition, the company preserves pres that are yet to be responded to. Here, they preserve it for the duration between 6-12 months, counting from the hour such was signed.

The company also preserves yet-to-fill pres for 12 months. Within this period, patients can request a response from their pres. If they fail to make the request within one year, they must send the new press to the dispensary.

What Happens when Unpicked Prescriptions Get Back On Display-shelf?

Patients have the right and liberty to make requests again for their medications to get filled. The requirement is simple. Patients are expected to reach out to the pharmacy and place their request again through visits or contacts with their reps.


The above composition guides Malgreens’ customers on the time frame to custody prescriptions. Hopefully, reading this article makes it easy to understand the duration of keeping prescriptions.

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