Facebook Game Center | Play Watch And Share Games On Facebook

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Hey there! have you heard of the Facebook Game Center? Have you stopped by play mind-blowing games and, have you shared any of the games with your friend? We will be looking at Facebook Games Center | Play Watch and Share Games on Facebook.

Facebook is one that has refused to be overshadowed. From time to time, new features and functions keep being introduced to the site. The aim of these new features is to ensure that the users have an entirely new and more interesting experience while on the platform.

Be rest assure that you can play games on the Facebook platform free of charge? the game feature is an easy and accessible feature to use where one has access to original and interesting games of different kinds of genres.

Since Facebook social media permits users to share documents and links, comment on their friend’s posts and, post their activities, you too can share live videos, and send an invite to your friends to check them out.

Photos and documents generally shared on the platform have the chance of being by as many as possible because Facebook permits tags and, you would agree that this gives posts a greater chance of being seen.

You at liberty to decide who sees your post and who does not see it, you can decide to limit it to just a few friends in a group or make it public. Also, because of the ease of using the Facebook mobile app, it is possible for anyone to sign and make great use of the platform.

Businesses can also grow on the platform as the Facebook page feature is in existence. Therefore, you can create a Facebook for your business and invite your friends to like the page and be a part of what you are doing on the page.

How To Download A Facebook App

Having a Facebook mobile app is requisite for having access to the Facebook game center, so if you do not have the app on your device, you should get it. The app can be gotten on the google play store if you are using an Android device or on the App Store, if you are using an iOS device.

  • Open the store where you download apps ( this varies with the kind of device you are using) on your device.
  • On the search bar,  insert and search for the Facebook app.
  • Click on the first result displayed on the next page and tap the download button.

You would have to sign up for a Facebook account or sign in if you already own an account when the app completely downloaded.

Log in  To Your Facebook Account

Having downloaded the Facebook app, you don’t want to leave it dormant on your device and be staring at it a mere decoration. NO!. Then, go ahead and sign in.

  • Click-open the Facebook application you downloaded on your device.
  • If you are an already active member on the platform, all you need to do is to just hit the ‘sign in’ button and provide your login details, you will be on the homepage in no time.
  • If do have an account on Facebook, you will need to sign up so, click on ‘Sign up’ instead and fill in the form that will load open, be sure you are inputting correct details about yourself.
  • Facebook will send a notification shortly to the email address you linked the account to, this is to confirm your sign up activity, go ahead and confirm it.

How To Install Facebook Gameroom

This is the room where the games that exist on the Facebook media platform can be found. To access the Facebook game center, it is best to use a computer window because of its interface.

You don’t just play games alone in the game room__That will be boring. You can share the games you played with your Facebook friends, invite them to come and play as well and also, watch the games being played by others.

The Gameroom is available for Windows 7 and above, but, you must install it on your device first. Are you excited and ready for this great experience? see below for how to install the Gamerrom feature to your Facebook feature.

  • Head to the device’s web browser.
  •   On the search bar, enter the URL; www.facebook.com/gameroom.
  • When it loads-open, click on the Free Install Icon.
  • Choose the folder you want to save the Facebook Gamerrom to on your device. The download should be successful.
  •  To fully Download and Install on your device, click on the Facebook Gameroom.exe
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