Facebook Dating App Free – Dating Site for Long Term Relationship

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Facebook Dating App Free – Dating Site for Long Term Relationship

Over the years, many people have been using Facebook as a platform where they find relationships and mingle with other single guys and ladies.

You can agree that some have had luck finding the love of their lives through Facebook, while others have not experienced much success.

One of the old ways people get to meet singles is by joining dating groups on Facebook. Currently, there are thousands of Facebook dating groups.

In realizing this, Facebook has decided to officially introduce a dating platform with all the features you will likely find on a stand-alone dating app.

However, this dating platform is only available to a few Facebook users in selected countries. The reason is that the feature is still new and unavailable for all locations.

One outstanding feature of the Facebook dating site is that it is free for all users.

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about the Facebook dating site.

Facebook Mobile App | Facebook Dating Site

The Facebook mobile app can now be counted as one dating platform. And with the Facebook dating site and Facebook dating app, you can now get all the help you need to get dates and navigate the dating world more easily.

This Facebook dating feature has gone live in twenty countries and is not stopping any time soon. Millions of people who have the feature in their countries have used the app.

Set Up Your Dating Profile

Update the Facebook iOS or Android app to ensure you’re running the latest version of the app. Facebook Dating will appear in a new tab located in the main menu of the Facebook mobile app.

Go there to opt into Facebook Dating and create a Dating profile (separate from your main profile).

You will be able to fill in personal details about yourself, like height, religion, job title, degrees and education, and whether you have children, etc.

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Facebook may also suggest photos and information from your Facebook profile, which you can edit or remove when creating your dating profile.

Note: You must be 18 years or older to use Facebook Dating.

Finding a match on Facebook Dating

During setup, Facebook Dating will ask you to specify your gender and the gender(s) of the people you are interested in matching with on the service.

You’ll see inclusive gender options like cis woman, trans woman, cis man, trans man, and non-binary person, and you can select whether you’re interested in everyone, women, men, trans women, or trans men.

None of this information will be shared with potential matches.

You’ll only be suggested to others who’ve opted into Facebook Dating, and people will be suggested to you based on your preferences, interests, and “other things you do on Facebook”.

You will see friends of friends and people not in your friend circle. Facebook Dating won’t match you with your Facebook friends – unless you both add each other to your “Secret Crush” lists. (More on this below.)

Countries with Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating Site

Facebook dating is currently available in just twenty countries. So, before you can get on the Facebook dating app train, check below if your country of residence is active. The countries with Facebook dating include;

  • The United States. Argentina. Canada. Bolivia. Brazil.
  • Chile. Columbia. Ecuador. Guyana. Laos.
  • Malaysia. Mexico. Paraguay. Peru. The Philippines.
  • Singapore. Suriname. Thailand. Uruguay. Vietnam.

No European countries are in this list, as Facebook promises that the Facebook dating feature will be available by “early 2020”

So, if you reside in any of the above countries, you must download the Facebook mobile app before you can assess the Facebook dating site. The steps for the Facebook app download will be discussed below.

Facebook App Download

The Facebook App download can be done from tour App Stores and your Google Play Store. The guide below is for Facebook app download to different devices.

Facebook App Download on Android

If you use an Android device and want to access the Facebook dating site, you first need to get the app. Follow the steps below for the Facebook app download o Android;

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Go to your Google play store, and type “Facebook” in the search bar.
  • Locate and click on the app, to download the app to your device.
  • Ensure the Facebook app you are getting is credited to Facebook.inc.
  • Proceed to accept the terms and conditions of using the app.
  • And
  • Simply accept the terms and conditions of using the app if prompted to do so.
  • When the app is downloaded, install the application on your device.

Facebook App Download On iOS

If you make use of an iOS device, follow the steps below to download the Facebook App.

  • Once your device is connected to the internet, go to your App store
  • On the search bar of your App Store, enter “Facebook”.
  • Click on the official Facebook app, and tap on the “Get” button.
  • Proceed to click the “install” button to install it in your device.

Facebook App Download on Computers (PC)

Facebook app is not common with PC users. This is because you can connect to the Facebook official website from any browser on your computer. You can do that with the following steps;

  • Ensure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Launch any web browser of your choice, e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Then enter https://www.facebook.com, which is the official Facebook URL in the address field, and hit enter.

And this is all you need to do to access Facebook on different devices.

That’s all on Facebook Dating App, Free for Singles. I hope this article helps.

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