Facebook Dark Mode Settings On Android | Facebook Beta Dark Mode

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Over the years, Facebook has launched many features on its platform, so as to give its users the premium features it desires.

One of these recent features is Facebook dark mode. The Facebook dark mode was launched by Facebook to give it’s users a stunning interface.

If you are familiar with dark modes on Youtube, WhatsApp, and other platforms, then you will have an idea of how the Facebook dark mode will look like.

No doubt, Facebook’s dark mode makes Facebook very beautiful. But that is not the only reason why you should turn on the Facebook dark mode.

There are other amazing features of Facebook’s dark mode. Below are some of the merit of Facebook’s dark mode.

Merits of Facebook Dark Mode

One of the merits of the Facebook dark mode is that it helps reduce the brightness which are likely to affect your eyes.

Further mode, the Facebook dark mode helps to reduce the light rays that are likely to cause you to stress your eyes, thereby leading to eye deterioration.

Lastly, the dark mode helps reduce brightness which in turn reduces your battery capacity consumption.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android

If you are an Android user, enabling the Dark Mode on your Facebook Mobile App is very straight to the point. Simply follow through below:

1. Firstly, connect your device to the internet

2. Log in your Facebook account using your app

3. At the top right of your page, click on the three horizontal lines

4. From the drop-down menu, click “Settings”

5. Go to “General” and also go to “Theme”

6. To enable Facebook Dark Mode on your Android device, choose “AMOLED” from the options you see.

That’s all on Facebook dark mode settings.

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