Facebook Dark Mode Settings Feature – Enable Night View Mode on Facebook Messenger

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Get Facebook Dark Mode | How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook – Facebook is one of the world’s best chat sites for interacting with family and friends, but it is continuously updated. The dark mode of Facebook is already here and it has been introduced. It is used all over the world by Facebook users. Everyone has spoken of its special characteristics and catchiness.

The Facebook dark mode is the latest configuration in the Facebook UI. It is a replacement for the popular bright and white screen interface. The dark mode screen now has a dual color — black and grey shade and can be accessed via desktop or mobile. It has been anticipated by a lot of users, although it is a very minor change.

It is a fantastic substitute for the conventional Facebook interface, although, some users are not solely basing their decision to use the dark mode on that alone. The dark mode makes for a much clearer screen for some people because of the white text on black background and research have shown that reducing blue light is great for a night of better sleep, so people actually prefer it for its convenience during the dark.

Another benefit of the Facebook dark mode is good it can do for your phone battery. Some researchers have realized that black color consumes less battery power than white pixel colors, especially in devices that use AMOLED screens. So it is in the best interest of phone users to use the Facebook dark mode, it can help the battery power stay for longer and you wouldn’t need to charge it all the time.

You should not forget that the Facebook dark mode may still undergo an upgrade depending on the response to it. For instance, the WhatsApp dark mode has been tweaked a little because of the reviews of users. So Facebook dark mode may still be upgraded, just as the Whatsapp dark mode.

Let’s show you how to turn on the Facebook dark mode in any device, whether mobile or desktop.

With that in mind, here’s how to experience the dark side of Facebook on desktop and mobile devices.


Facebook dark mode for desktop

Facebook has been doing a lot of designing and improvement for its desktop mode for months. Now the dark mode is optional for users but it is highly welcome. Users can either select the dark mode option or not.

As soon as you update your Facebook software, you will find a prompt requesting you try to use the Facebook dark mode. If you decide to select it, you will be able to use the Facebook dark mode in the menu.

On Google Chrome, you can equally force the dark mode on Facebook through add on or extension, it may not look exactly like the Facebook dark mode but can still have a similar interface.

Ensure you have updated your browser. If not you will find the option for updating the browser at the main menu.

Follow the steps below:

  • Log onto Facebook and pick settings on the corner.
  • Choose ‘switch to New Facebook’ among the menu selections or settings. You will see the new Facebook interface in this way.
  • Click on the next when you see the Facebook popup menu welcoming you to a fresh, simpler Facebook.
  • Click ‘dark’ on the right side of the pop-up. To begin using the redesigned Facebook dark mode feature, click on ‘Get started’.


Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android and iPhone

How to enable Facebook’s dark mode setting on an iPhone

  • Tap the navigation drawer in the Facebook iPhone app,  it can be found in the right section.
  • Tap on the “Settings and privacy’ section after scrolling down.
  • You can set the dark mode feature to enable it. You must note that it may still be in the beta stage in some countries.

How to enable Facebook’s dark mode setting on an Andriod

Though not as straightforward as the iPhone, Facebook’s dark mode setting can still be enabled on android devices. You can turn on this feature to change the appearance of the menu and setting. Use the setting and enable the dark mode option, switch it on. That’s it.

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