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Facebook creator studio is an all-encompassing administrative hub for content creators and publishers. This tool enables content creators to manage their content, keep track of performance and also connect with their audiences. Page Admins on Facebook can leverage on the Creator Studio to drive their pages and quickly reply to comments from page visitors.

With the Facebook Creator Studio, the need for third-party content managing platforms is ruled out, if your concern is mostly on Facebook and Instagram. The Creator Studio will allow you to create, manage, schedule, and track contents and earnings from them. It even offers deeper video insights.

Facebook Creator Studio App

Before now, the Facebook Creator Studio was only available to be used on PCs. Of recent, however, Facebook has launched the Creator Studio App. Although the App is a stripped-down version of the PC one, it comes with its benefits. For one, you don’t have to log your computer around to play your managerial role as far as your contents are concerned. With the Creator Studio App on your phone, specific tasks can be carried out on the fly.

The Creator Studio App has been made available for both the Android and iOS platforms. It can be downloaded via their respective application stores.

The Facebook Creator App Functionalities

The Creator Studio app was created to be of meaningful use in the absence of the PC version of the tool. As such, it is a lighter version. Despite this, it still has a couple of advantages over the PC version, though.

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Here are the things you can accomplish with the Creator Studio App;

  • Access insights while on the move.
  • Access and manage contents.
  • Get important updates, alerts, and recommended actions for your Pages.
  • Engage by responding to messages and comments from your content audience.
  • Switch between pages.

a. Access Insights While on the Move

The Creator Studio App, being installed and used on mobile devices, enables you to carry specific managerial actions on the go. Such activities include; accessing your content insights to know how they are performing, your audience reactions towards your content, and viewing your earnings. You can also access the following information;

  • Net followers.
  • Returning viewers.
  • Average duration viewed.
  • Total engagement.
  • Comments and Shares.

b. Access and Manage Contents

Using the App, you can access and effect changes to your content. You can influence how your audience will see them when published. You can also edit video titles and descriptions. If you wish, you could delete or expire content, reschedule content or post drafts.

c. Get Important Updates, Alerts, and Recommended Actions for Your Pages

The Creator Studio App keeps you updated through notifications for every event taking place. This ensures you’re made away of events in a timely fashion and also keeps you from missing certain occurrences.

d. Engage by Responding to Messages and Comments from Your Content Audience

You can reply to messages and comments from your content audience as they are sent, conveniently and timely.

e. Switch between pages

With the App you can switch between different pages to manage them.

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Downloading the Facebook Creator Studio App

As earlier stated, the Facebook Creator App Studio is supported in both the Android and iOS platforms. To get it, access the appropriate app store depending on your device. Follow the guidelines below.

  • Search for the App by entering “Facebook Creator Studio App” in the search bar.
  • Hit search afterward. The App will be displayed in the search result.
  • Tap on the “Install” button beneath it to download and install the App on your device.

After successful installation, the App will be very much ready for use.

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