Switch Back To Classic Facebook: Revert The New Facebook Design

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How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook Version.

Ever noticed the term “Facebook classic version” on the platform? This refers to the old interface of Facebook. While the new design has its own set of perks, there’s a nostalgic charm to the classic layout. Here’s a guide on how to switch between the two interfaces.

A Glimpse into Facebook’s Evolution

Facebook continually updates its platform to enhance user experience. The new design gives a fresh look, while the older interface is now termed as the classic version. Though many users are already enjoying the new interface, a segment remains unaware of this shift. If you’re curious about Facebook’s classic layout, keep reading.

Facebook Classic Layout

The familiar interface that users loved for years became ‘classic’ when Facebook rolled out its updated design. The good news? If you’re hesitant about the new look, reverting to the classic version is possible.

The New Design and its Features

Talks of Facebook’s revamped platform began much before its actual rollout. The new design boasts a responsive layout, adjusting according to screen width. Unlike its predecessor, the updated look sports rounded corners and vibrant colours.

The interface has enhanced text clarity with larger font sizes, which means slightly more scrolling due to reduced on-screen content. The redesigned icon bar atop offers swift navigation to sections like the Marketplace, Gaming, and Videos.

A highly-anticipated feature of the new design is the dark mode, which has received a warm welcome from global users.

Switching Between Facebook Versions

Missed the notification about Facebook’s redesign? No worries! You can switch interfaces manually from your account.

Switching to the New Design:

  1. Visit facebook.com and log in.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow icon on your account page.
  3. Choose ‘Switch to new Facebook’ from the menu.

Reverting to Classic Facebook:

  1. Click on the menu icon on the top-right of the new interface.
  2. Select ‘Switch to classic Facebook’.

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Remember, preferences vary. While many users embrace change, some find comfort in familiarity. The choice between the classic and the new design remains yours!

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