Delete Facebook Page Permanently

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Do you need to delete your Facebook page right now? Have you made up your mind to loose all your Facebook friends? Have you prepared storage to backup all your photos and videos that you have posted on Facebook have you also made up your mind to loose all pages, groups, and connections you have made on Facebook? These are questions you should answer if you intend to delete your Facebook account.

Sometimes you start a Facebook page with the best intentions. You plan on posting to your Facebook page regularly, you plan on using your Facebook page to connect with customers and clients, and you started off with a bang! But then you got busy, your Facebook page fell to the wayside, and now it’s been months since you have posted anything.

Or maybe you spent a lot of time posting stuff about your business and saw a meager return on your time spent and are giving up. That’s okay. In this post, I am going to show you how to Delete your Facebook page step by step. Social media marketing isn’t a magic pill solution. It also isn’t a quick results solution. Social media marketing can yield a HUGE payoff, but it takes time. Social media marketing, especially with Facebook, is a long-term investment in interaction and building relationships. It is a long-term investment in creating a community of people who feel like they matter and who feel involved in your brand.

Before we dive straight into this article, we need to clarify two things, deleting Facebook and Deactivating Facebook are two different things.

  • Delete Facebook: This means you have permanently gotten rid of your Facebook account and cannot be recovered.
  • Deactivate Facebook: This implies that your Facebook account is temporarily unavailable at the moment and you can activate it back anytime you need to

This type of marketing isn’t for everyone or every business. If you want to, you can delete any Facebook page that you have admin rights to.

A word of caution! Deleting a Facebook page is permanent and can not be undone. So, if you do choose to delete your Facebook page, make sure you want to delete it… and check with anyone else who is an admin for the page to confirm.

Login as an Admin of the Facebook page

Click on “Settings” at the top of your Facebook Page

Click on General

Click on “Remove Page” at the bottom of the window

Click on “Delete (Page Name)”

Click on “Delete Page Name”


Note: Deleting your Facebook Page means that nobody will be able to see or find your page. Once you’ve clicked “Delete,” you’ll have 14 days to restore it in case you have a change of mind. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm if you want to delete the Facebook page permanently. If you choose to unpublish instead, only admins will be able to see your Facebook Page.


That’s how to delete a Facebook page. I hope this helped!



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