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For all Facebook users, the great news is that through the newly introduced feature called Dating on Facebook, they can meet their soulmates on the Facebook site. If you’re hearing this for the first time, a lot has already been missed.

As of last year, the feature was made official and, it is existent only on the Facebook site. In other words, it is impossible to download this site independently except through the Facebook site.

On the dating feature, users have access to set u a profile which is totally different from their usual Facebook profile. This profile gives other members of the dating site a piece of better information about each member on the site.

Also, singles can quickly get to connect and entangle with other singles who are ready for a relationship which would eventually lead to marriage depending on the dates.

Don’t be mistaken that your friends on the main Facebook account can access your dating profile because that is not possible except if they have been matched with you on the dating site.

Facebook Dating Site Free App

The Dating feature or app is known for matching users online, by so doing,  it makes it much easier for users to find love on the Facebook platform. This app presents dating in a more interesting manner with lots of features as well as benefits online.

So many questions have been asked on how much it will cost to have a dating account on the Facebook platform. The answer is that Facebook dating is totally free and therefore has no charges attached in case you want to subscribe to it.

In fact, there are three major limitations to using this app. They are;  residing in a country that has not been granted access to the dating feature; being lower than age 18; not using an updated Facebook mobile app. Apart from these, you have no other problem so, make sure you are qualified before venturing into it.

Facebook Dating App Near Me

Facebook dating is not yet launched in all countries of the universe. The few countries that have been granted access to the site can use the app while Facebook has provided an improvise for countries that do not have access to the site yet.

This improvises provided by Facebook are Facebook dating groups. Therefore, if your country does not have the dating feature, you can go ahead and search for dating groups and join one.

Facebook dating is now available

Facebook Dating Available

If you want to be sure that the Facebook dating feature or app is available in your country, quickly head on to the top of your Facebook newsfeed or homepage, you will find a dating notice there.

Better still, take your eyes to the top of your Facebook profile, if your country has access to Facebook dating, you will find a shaped heart icon. You should click on it, that will direct you to where you can date on Facebook but, if it is not there, it indicates that your country has not yet been granted access.

Create A Facebook Account

You must have a Facebook account first before you can access the dating feature. without an account, you cannot be able to access the Facebook site. and there are certainly no two ways about that. Do you want to start dating on Facebook? it’s easy! All you have to do right now is to follow the processes below and get your account.

  • Open a Facebook account immediately on www.facebook.com.
  • Fill in the application form with your full name on the site.
  • Attach a mobile number or an email address to the account you are opening.
  • Set up a reliable password for the Facebook account
  • Select your gender
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click SIGN UP.

Now you have gotten your account. from here, you will find other instructions you have to follow for your account to be open.

How to Log in to Facebook

Did you create a Facebook account following the processes that I have listed above? if you have, then you still have something to know about that account.

  • Log in to your account on www.facebook.com.
  • On the Facebook login page, enter your email or number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click LOG IN.

Congrats, your account is now open, so you can access this account whenever you go and whenever you want to.

How to Start Dating on Facebook

Facebook has made a very surprising service on its site, that has been made official for Facebook users. There are millions of people out there who have marked themselves in the single list. So clearly, you can also get connected too! Here’s how this dating on Facebook works;

Facebook Dating Profile

Create a Facebook account and log in. On your profile, you will find an icon, taking the shape of a heart. Click on it and you will be referred to the dating home.

Here, you will have to set up a profile that is different from your main Facebook profile. And you should know that your Facebook friends will not see this. It’s safe!

You can now search for people, groups, and events that may be of interest to you. your profile will then be shared with others, and you can begin a private message with anyone of your choice. It is just as simple as that!

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