Dating on Facebook App Free for Singles

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Dating on Facebook App Free for Singles

Hey there, do you know that Facebook can meet many of your communication needs ranging from business and love? Do you know that you can be dating on Facebook? Read on to find out.

Facebook was initially designed to ease communication. This platform brought friends and loved ones closer even when they are far apart. And is still doing such at this present time.

As time goes on, Facebook has introduced more features to the site. These features make the site more exciting and fun. Dating on Facebook is one such feature; you need to check it out for yourself.

This feature makes dating easier and also saves people the stress of having to find love because everyone signing up for the Facebook dating app is believed to be single. In fact, you must be single and in search of love before you can use the app.

Facebook Dating Launch

The Facebook dating feature is a recent development; this implies that it is NOT yet available to all countries. Nevertheless, if it has been launched in your country, you are eligible, so, you do not have to hesitate or sleep over this great opportunity.

We will go ahead and direct you on how to use this in case you need help; you should smile already.

Download Facebook Dating App

Don’t put yourself through the stress of looking for the dating app on the Google Play store because you cannot find it there.

In order words, you cannot find a Facebook dating app on it. If you do this, you must go through access to the Facebook dating app.

From all indications, you have seen that having an active Facebook account is very important. This is because the features included on the Facebook platform make it easy for singles to meet and get connected to each other.

Is Facebook Dating App Available?

Yes, the app is available, although it can be accessible by certain countries dor the meantime. So, you have to be sure your country has access to it first; this is done by simply checking the top right of your screen for a heart icon on your Facebook homepage.

If you can find this, good luck, but if you can’t then you will have to hold on. If found this, you must be sure you are up to 18.

Finally, if you are up to 18, see how the app works below.

How the Facebook Dating App Works

This feature is as simple as using the Facebook app is. It links singles ladies and guys to their prospective lovers.

To use this app, you have to set up a dating profile that will help you get connected to other singles. You will find hundreds of singles on the platform.

These singles had also set up their profile thereby helping you to know if they are the kind of people you would want to date.

When you have eventually found your spec, you can then begin your love journey with the hope that things get good and sweet for you both, but you must have a Facebook account.

The Facebook account is to house your dating account. Remember that your normal Facebook profile is different from your dating profile, and your Facebook friends cannot view your dating profile unless they have also signed up for that dating feature.

How to Create a Facebook Account

As earlier mentioned, your Facebook account is the only route into the dating home. If you want to be part of the millions of singles already using this app, then you have to get a Facebook account now.

To create a Facebook account:

  • Search for on your play store.
  • Slot in your details like; your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
  • Tap the Sign Up button.
  • Confirm your email or mobile phone number by providing the code Facebook will send you.

How to Use the Facebook Dating Feature

You must know how to use the dating app to find love if not, it will look like design on your Facebook account.

Come on let’s see how you can set up a Facebook profile in a very easy way.

Facebook Dating Profile Setup Steps

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Head to your Facebook profile.
  • Right on your Facebook profile, you will find a heart icon and click on it.
  • You will be directed to the dating home.
  • You have to create your dating profile to begin. You will set up your gender, likes and interests, location, and a picture of yourself.
  • Then click on Confirm.

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Having done this, you can now get connected and hook up with other singles.

That’s all on How to Use the Facebook Dating App.

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