How To Create Poll On Facebook

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Tips on How To Create Poll On Facebook With Ease.

In a recent development, after the success of surveys on Instagram Stories, Facebook has expanded its horizons by introducing a polling feature to its NewsFeed. This innovation allows users to post polls, giving their audience a chance to voice their opinions.

However, these polls come with a limitation. Users can only provide two options for respondents to choose from, but the upside is the ability to enhance these options with images or even GIFs.

Creating a poll is as straightforward as updating your status. One crucial detail to note: polls on Facebook aren’t anonymous. The future may or may not bring an anonymous option, but for now, voters and creators both know who voted for what.

How To Create Poll On Facebook
How To Create Poll On Facebook


Steps to Create a Poll on Facebook:

  1. Launch Facebook. Click on “What’s on your mind” for personal accounts or “Write Something” for a Web page.
  2. Opt for the “Polls” icon.
  3. Type your question in the provided space, followed by the two options for your audience to choose from.
  4. Add a touch of creativity by uploading images or picking from a plethora of available GIFs to visually represent the choices.
  5. Decide the poll’s duration – a day, a week, or any custom duration you prefer.
  6. Post the poll and watch the voting unfold.
  7. Remember, as the poll creator, you can view how each participant voted.

As shared by a Facebook representative with Inverse, “While various polling options have been present in Facebook over time, this is a consolidated method for users and Pages to gauge opinions of friends and followers.”

It’s worth remembering the initial surprise users faced with Instagram’s polls – many didn’t realize their votes weren’t hidden. This led to some unintended consequences when poll makers could see voters’ choices.

Facebook’s acquisition of the positive-themed messaging app, tbh, might be their platform for anonymous polling. While polls aren’t entirely new to Facebook (text-only polls were available on pages, events, and even in Messenger chats), this feature revamps the polling experience.

Presently, while Facebook has made the poll feature available across devices, it’s still making its way to some iPhone and Android users. “The polling feature is in transit across platforms. We anticipate a full mobile rollout by the end of the day,” a Facebook spokesperson mentioned to Inverse.



For the moment, netizens can enjoy the polling feature via their web browsers. Hopefully, this feature will lead to users voicing their opinions when prompted, cutting down on unsolicited comments. But, knowing the quirks of the digital world, there are no guarantees!

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