Colleges with Low Acceptance Rate in the US 2023 [Top 10]

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In the US, some colleges have a low level of acceptance than others. A low acceptance rate (LAR) denotes the situation where colleges do not accept many applicants seeking admission to different programs of study. LAR stems from measuring the number of applicants versus those admitted to variant programs.

The LAR typically proceeds from some factors. Some colleges with limited space in their academic programs maintain low acceptance rates. Again, the nature of admission procedures contributes to LAR. LowAcceptanceRate arises whenever applicants’ requests surmount colleges’ available admission spaces. Some colleges have LAR because of improved ranking which makes it experience increasing preference among students.

In the US alone, there are over nineteen colleges with LAR below 10%. This article enlists ten of such institutions. Students from different parts of the world in search of admission into US colleges can benefit from this. The discussion starts-off from the 1st to the 10th.

Colleges with Low Acceptance Rate in the US

Curtis Institute of Music

The named-college retains the status of a privately-running institute. Its history records from 1932. Its location continues to remain Philadelphia, US. On its list of offerings, are a Diploma, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music in Opera, and Certificates, among other professional studies. Students with full-time admission are enjoying full-scholarships. Its LAR ranks at 2%. Accessing other information about the col requires checking-up on its official website.

California Institute of Technology

This college with its corporate description “CalTech” maintains strength in Science and Engineering education. “CAlTech” operates within the status of self-reliant edu organisation resident in Pasadena city in California. It maintains different programmes under the categories of Undergraduates, Post-graduates, and doctoral, with outstanding professors and renowned researchers. Its uniqueness in scientific contributions is superb. Its LAR ranks at 4%. More information is displays on its website for your precise needs.

Harvard University

Above is another self-pushing academic institution with a historical lane recording from 1936. Its undergraduate population runs a little-above 7000. Its location is Cambridge, Massachusetts. It retains its position as one of the long-existing and high-ranking educational institutions in the world. Its offering ranges from under-graduate to post-graduate studies across more than faculties. Its official website can provide intending applicants with chunks of precise-information.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is another institution for learning with a location at Cambridge and private status ranking of 4% LAR. Its origin dates from 1861. Its strength centers on Sc and Tech. Its role in Tech development and industrialization continues to be superb. With various courses spread over various faculties, it offers UG, PG, and other professional certifications. More information is accessible on its official website

Princeton University

Located within New Jersey, this institution maintains a 4% LAR ranking. Maintaining a private-ownership status, its origin is traced to 1746. Its offerings guts across undergraduate, Post-graduate, and post-doctoral studies and in different faculties. More information is accessible on its official website

Stanford University

SU is another US academic institution with a 4% LAR. With its private status, it maintains its position as one of the leading universities in the world. Its offerings cut across undergraduate and Post graduate programs among over 17000 students. Precise information is accessible on its official website.

Yale University

Traced to 1701, the institution ranks third in age among US colleges. Its LAR is 5%. The institution runs about 12 schools offering diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in both Sc and SoS. Further information about the institution displays on its official website.

Brown University

With its origin traced to 1964, this institution recorded 6% LAR. It has a track record of outstanding scholarship with diverse PG and UG programmes in different faculties. More information about the institution is accessible from its official website.

Columbia University

This institution is known for its quality of graduates. It ranks as one of the best US colleges even when privately owned. With its existence counting from 1754, it has 6% LAR. Its programmes are numerous and consist of UG and PG. More information can be seen on its website.

DartMouth College

This is another educational institution with private-ownership status. It has 6% LAR and locates in Hanover. Its programs are diverse across different schools. More information is accessed on its official websites.

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