How to Change Phone Number to Email on Facebook

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How to Change Phone Number to Email on Facebook.

Hey there, Facebook navigator! Remember the days when we hastily set up our Facebook accounts with just our phone numbers because, well, it was so darn easy? I’m with you on that one! But as times change and online security gets more crucial, making the shift to an email address is a savvy move. Why? Well, email addresses tend to be more secure, and it’s easier to manage our communication. So if you’re nodding along and thinking, “Yep, I want to make that switch!”—you’re in the right spot. Here’s your friendly guide to making the change, whether you’re a mobile maven or a desktop dynamo:

If You’re Team Mobile:

  1. Starting Off:
    • Launch that Facebook app of yours.
    • Spot those three lines or dots at the top right? Give them a tap—that’s your gateway to the menu.
    • Cruise on down the menu and tap on “Account settings.”
  2. Into the Email Zone:
    • Next up, tap on the ever-so-general “General” option.
    • Spot “Email”? Tap away!
  3. Welcoming a New Email:
    • Go ahead and choose “Add Email Address.”
    • Type in that shiny new email address of yours. Then, for security’s sake, pop in your Facebook password.
    • Hit “Add Email” at the bottom. You’re doing great!
  4. Making it Official:
    • Now, make that new email your primary love. Tap “Primary Email.”
    • Select your freshly added email address.
    • One more time, with feeling: drop in your password and tap “Save”. Voilà!

For the Desktop Doyens:

  1. Getting Started:
    • Fire up that browser and head to Facebook.
    • Top right corner—you’ll see a nifty little arrow or your profile pic. Click on it for a drop-down fiesta.
    • Choose the “Settings” option from the party list.
  2. Heading to Email Territory:
    • Once inside, seek out “Contact” and give it a click.
  3. New Email, Who’s This?:
    • Click on the inviting “Add Email Address”.
    • Type in your brand new email, and hit “Add”.
  4. Seal the Deal:
    • Right by where you clicked “Add Email Address”, there’s a “Primary contact” spot. Click on your new email to make it your top choice.
    • Seal the deal by hitting “Save changes”.

And that’s how you roll with the times! You’ve successfully traded in that phone number for a trusty email on Facebook. Pat yourself on the back, and maybe treat yourself to a celebratory dance or cookie . Because, hey, it’s the little wins that make our digital journey all the more delightful. Stay savvy and secure out there!

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I hope this guide, “How to Change Phone Number to Email on Facebook“, sprinkled a little fun into your tech transition! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, give me a shout. Safe surfing! ‍♂️

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